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As lawyers, the team at Smith & Tabor Attorneys At Law in Toccoa, GA has the combined experience to tackle any case. We know the ins and outs of family law and personal injury lawsuits, and are ready to make sure that our clients are taken care of to the best of our ability.

We provide legal assistance in a variety of legal matters, whether it's personal injury, wills, or child support recovery.

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Personal Injuries, Auto Accidents, Wrongful Death and Negligence Claims

Our firm has extensive experience in the area of handling automobile accident claims on a contigency fee basis. We believe our long standing policy of offering a “Free Initial Consultation” regarding such claims, as well as that of charging “no fee whatsoever, if there is no recovery”, has been beneficial and resulted in a positive outcome for both our clients and prospective claims since our firm’s inception. 
Our experience with automobile accident claims, as well as other general negligence damage claims, has ranged from as simple as handling a minor “fender bender” or simple “slip and fall” case all the way to handling cases involving complex, multi-defendant litigation with severe permanent injury or death. 

Our efforts over the years have resulted in recoveries for our client’s ranging from the quick and fair settlement of small claims of less than $1,000 to as high as $1,000,000. As active practitioners in this area of legal practice, our attorneys have had extensive and ongoing contacts with insurance adjusters and claim representatives serving our area. That experience has resulted in a level of respect and credibility that we believe carries over from client to client for the general advantage of all those involved.
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Wills, Probate, and Estate Planning in Toccoa, GA

Often people don’t prepare for the eventualities of life and/or day they will ultimately “pass on” because they think the process will be complicated, time consuming, and expensive. What is more unfortunate is that for the “average person with an average size estate” as litte as “one hour” spent with an attorney can result in the peace of mind of knowing that they have a properly prepared and executed Power of Attorney, Living Will and Last Will and Testament. 

Likewise, many people are absolutely intimidated by the very word PROBATE. Many times, with visions of complicated forms, long delays, and great expense, people unnecessarily delay getting all of their deceased loved one’s affairs in order and “legally” distributed to those left behind. Our attorneys can usually probate the estate of the “average person” from start to finish for less than $2,000. 

With more than fifteen (15) year’s experience in Stephens County and Northeast Georgia, our attorneys have represented their client’s in areas of probate law from establishing Guardianships for minors and adults to probating and distributing simple and complex estates. Whatever your needs and concerns regarding Probate, Wills and Estate may be, call on our attorneys to help you make sure that “what needs to be done is done right”.   

Adoption, Divorce, and Domestic Relations

Adoptions are another area of law with which our attorneys have extensive experience and knowledge. We have handled both private and public placement adoptions and are regularly called upon by our local Courts to serve as Guardians Ad-Litem in which the interests of minor children are involved. Sometimes all that is needed is a simple “temporary custody agreement”, while other situations involve complex and contested child custody litigation with both “in-state” as well as “across-state-line” issues.  

Whatever the need, our attorneys have been there for their clients in the past and are available to meet the needs of future clients. Sometimes, a simple “uncontested divorce” is what the client needs, while in other situations multiple and complex-issue divorce litigation is involved. In this area of law as well, we offer a “Free Initial Consultation”. Sometimes things have changed since the divorce and a custody modification or child support modification is in order. Again, we’ve been there and won and are prepared to handle your situation. 
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Child Support Recovery

All too often in our society there is an attitude of “take no responsibility for individual actions”. While such a philosophy is harmful in most situations, it is particularly disturbing and “downright unfair” when it comes to meeting the obligations of parents to their children.

Many times, in our experience, custodial parents have the two-fold problem of having both a “dead-beat parent” to contend with and “no funds available” to pursue their children’s interest through competent legal representation. Here again, our firm recognizes these problems and offers experienced legal help, and to those who need it, a “Contigiency Fee” option to enforce and collect past due child support.
If that “dead-beat” parent is in Northern Georgia with a Georgia or “out-of-state” Court Order requiring child support and has a job and/or an ability to pay, we can help. While sometimes all that is needed is an “attorney letter” to get the attention and compliance of the non-paying parent, often the only action that gets their attention and more importantly to “get the child support paid” is a Contempt Action filed in the appropriate Superior Court with “real consequences” for non-complance. 

If unpaid child support is a problem, contact us; we like to take these kinds of cases. We have children, work with kids in our “off-the-clock” hours and know what an injustice this is and we want to help.  
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